Apidura - Borsa Manubrio Compatta

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Bag designed to take advantage of the space under the handlebar, eliminating the need for a front luggage rack. Built with high quality waterproof materials, and optimized for durability and lightness. The front bag is made specifically for carrying light and squeezable items in your long distance adventure, and can be part of a bikepacking kit to create a larger and more balanced load in multi-day adventures or when facing steep climbs and technical routes.



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The Backcountry Handlebar Pack is designed to carry light, compressible items on long distance rides and multi-day adventures. Eliminating the need for a bulky front rack, it helps to create a balanced load that makes steep climbs or technical sections effortless.

The Pack hits the sweet spot between low weight, durability and all-weather capability, and the roll-top closure system protects gear while allowing adjustment of the Pack’s capacity as required. A simple but strong attachment system secures the Pack to handlebars, and anti-slip Hypalon safeguards against wear.

Available in two sizes: 20L for long-haul touring and 9L for shorter weekend trips or races. Both Packs can be used alone, or paired with an Accessory Pocket to provide a handy space for food and electronic